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Everything You Need to Learn How to Design, Develop, and Create Training Materials, Full Courses, and Curriculums 

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The Ultimate Instructional Design Starter Kit

What's Included in this FREE Starter Kit:

This highly impactful and detailed kit includes numerous strategies, easy-to-follow templates, tips, and checklists to help you build your new career as an Instructional Designer. 

  • Explanation of Instructional Design Types and tips for finding a type that best match your skill set 
  •  A Simplified Breakdown of ADDIE: a 5-step design process that Instructional designers and developers use to create effect learning learning experiences
  • My 7-Step Process for Outlining Your Course: includes certain elements and pieces to consider for preparing a good course outline
  • Instructional Designer's Build Checklist: a 5-phased approach to building, launching, and evaluating a course
  • 4 Principles of Andragogy (Adult Learning Theory): a theory that emphasises how adults learn best. This is a must-know, especially, if you are transitioning from a teacher role!
  • ​Tips for Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): this is an essential component to building well-thought out learning experiences
  • ​Introduction to Adult Learning Theory: reviews its principles and its similarities and differences from children's education 
  • ​FREE Training Needs Analysis and Assessment Questionnaire Template to help you kick off a custom course or training build out
  • FREE Powerpoint Course Template to help you design your first eLearning course
  • ​Access to top tools and additional resources to aid the instructional design journey

Did you know?

Instructional designers are in high demand now in the educational sector!
 And you DO NOT need a degree in a related field to work in this field. 

Hi Future Badass Instructional Designer! 

My name is Shawntay Skjoldager, a Trainologist and an Instructional Designer. I understand what it takes to become an ID -- without having a related degree in the field

I’m a former 5th Grade Teacher who successfully transitioned from the classroom to Instructional Design. I had to learn my ID skills the hard way - through a lot of trial and error - and I want to help you with a smoother career transition than what I had. 

This Ultimate Instructional Designer Starter Kit will give you insights on how to build eLearning solutions from conception to completion, and everything in between (including working with executives and project management). 

For a limited time, this kit is 100% free.  Grab your copy now. 

The BASIC KNOWLEDGE, THEORIES, STRATEGIES, MODELS, and TOOLS needed for any ASPIRING, INTERMEDIATE, or PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER to start, refine and scale up in the business are packed in this kit.


ANOTHER GOOD NEWS!! You do not have to wait for any launch date or pre-order the kit. It is readily available.

Instructional designers are in high demand now in the educational sector. You are one step away from being in demand too!


This Ultimate Instructional Design Starter Kit is for YOU if you're an Aspiring Instructional Designer.

This kit is ideal for teachers, professors, new grads, and new hires who are starting a new career in Instructional Design. You may have already watch dozens of tutorials and hundreds of YouTube videos, and are feeling overwhelmed with where to begin or what to even focus your attention on. 

This Starter Kit is for you! It provides the basics of everything you need to know. 

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Instructional Designers

I have searched for the last few years to find some suitable career change where I wouldn't have to earn another degree and where I could use the talents and skills I already have as a teacher. When I came across the Instructional Design Accelerator course, I loved the fact that Shawntay was a former teacher and could relate to a teacher's need to transition from the classroom. This was what sold the course for me. Her experiences are invaluable especially when translating teacher duties to instructional designer duties. I would (and have) recommended this program to other teachers I know who are looking to transition out of the classroom. I do appreciate ALL of her feedback on my projects!

Wendy McMillian, Teacher & Future Instructional Designer

My teacher-to-instructional-designer journey began two years ago when I left my teaching comfort zone and started my first freelance ID job. Now, I’m stepping out of the classroom and taking my freelance work full-time, so I’m thrilled to be joining the Tech Accelerator program. Adding technologies like Articulate 360 and Adobe Premiere Pro to my qualifications will help me take my courses to the next level and attract more clients! 

Sarah Smith, Freelance Instructional Designer

Ready to Start Your New Career as an Instructional Designer?

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